Industrial complex in Gallese (VT) C.P. 02/2014 e 04/2014

This asset is part of the bankruptcy: C.P. Travaglini and Travaglini C.A.V Spa, Competitive Sale
Terms of sale: Online Auction
Starting price: 5.528.000,00€
The auction has not started yet
Auction will start 25/03/2019 12:00 CET


Download file 00 avviso e disciplinare vendita (208.38 KB)
Download file 01 perizia imm m sabina db (1.33 MB)
Download file 02 perizia imm m sabina 172lf (3.92 MB)
Download file 03 perizia imm gallese db (4.05 MB)
Download file 04 perizia imm gallese 172lf (1.86 MB)
Download file 05 perizia attrezzature spa db (1.9 MB)
Download file 06 perizia attrezzature spa 172lf (1.06 MB)
Download file 07 verbali di inventario (501.78 KB)
Download file 08 rendiconto magazzino 2017 (147.69 KB)
Download file 09 relazione notarile spa (94.39 KB)
Download file 10 relazione notarile srl (274.05 KB)


Code: 051999
Reference: LOTTO 1
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